Meme (kinda)

My friend Debbie sent met this e-mail today. I thought I'd answer it on my blog, making my life easier. This way I don't have to come up with something myself!

*1.* *What time did you get up this morning?*
The alarm went of at 6.30, got out of bed at 7 to get the kids up and at 'em.

*2.* **Diamonds or pearls?**
Diamonds. Pearls are to reminescent of old ladies wearing cardigans.

*3.* *What was the last film you saw at the cinema?*
Narnia, Prince Caspian. Good, but not as good as the book! And not enough like the book either.

*4.* *What is your favorite TV show?*
Only rarely do I get to watch a TV show regularly. There are just too many others that have " urgent" tv needs. BUT.. I would have loved to watch Lost on tv instead of on DVD and I think Heroes looks pretty good as well, but that will be a DVD thing too.

*5.* *What do you usually have for breakfast?*
2 slices of brown bread with cheese or chocolate sprinkles or jam or ......

*6.* *What is your middle name?*

*7.* *What food do you dislike?*
Vegetables boiled to mush

*8.* *What is your favorite CD at moment?*
A CD my bil made for us called simply 1989. It has about 11 hours of music from 1989 on it. Just lovely!! I put it on and it helps immensely with the housework!

*9.* *What kind of car do you drive?*
Either none, or something borrowed. As we don't have a car, I can't be picky!

*10.* *Favorite sandwich?*
Dark brown whole wheat with raisins baked in it. Topped with soft goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and rucola.

*11.What characteristic do you despise?*
When people don't let me see them as they really are.

*12.* *Favorite item of clothing?*
Shawls or scarves. Clothing multifunctionality at its very best.

*13.* *If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?*
the States, Mauritius, Alaska, New Zealand....

*14.* *Favorite brand of clothing?*
Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

*15.Where would you retire to?
Someplace by the sea, maybe?

**16.What was your most recent memorable birthday**?
My combined birthday and celebration of my bachelors degree. Surrounded by loving people, overwhelmed with lovely gifts (this was in 2003).

**17.** *Favorite sport to watch?*
Puhleese, spare me!!

*18.* *Furthest place you are sending this?*
the Internet, in its entirety

*20.* *When is your birthday?*
August fourth

21.* *Are you a morning person or a night person?*
Night, but by neccesity I must also be a morning person.

Ok, now I'm getting a wee bit bored and time is running out on me. I'm at the library again and have run through my free half hour of internet. The other questions will just have to wait for another time!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. It was nice to read your answers.
I sure hope you get your computer up and running soon (HELP Renz!!!)!!! lol
Praying for Herman! Send him best wishes.

Debbie B. ~Colorado

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