Short note

Well people, I am in the library blogging because our internet is out at home. Not something that I could really use as this moment as Herman is usually the computer guy and he's pretty much too sick to do anything right now. Even his handwriting is suffering due to the weakness caused by this damned colitis.

For those of you who want the medical update: Hermans hospital visit went well, but the aftermath is unpleasant, painful and worrying. He's on Prednison but it's not kicking in yet. Marinda has some kind of cream for her infection which, she tells me, is even effective against pimples. Lord knows why she wanted to test it on those, but she did! So she's a happy camper. Tristan has tendonitis by his ankle and has to go to a podiatrist (right word?) and fysiotherapist.
I am ok except for aches and pains due to digging out a colleagues back yard, which was meant to be a fun, binding experience with all my colleagues. Next time I will stop by for the lovely cakes and snacks and leaving the hard work to others!

Anyhow.... I will do my best to log on here and there, whenever the opportunity presents itself to keep my lifeline to the world open!

Meanwhile I have a ton of chores to do, so I will go do them.

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Renzo said...

I shall try and come by soon to spread some lovin!
ayIzosh! (Amharic for "be strong"!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your internet is down. I have finally caught up on reading your blog. Seem's that life is coming together for you, emotionally & mentally. Good to hear. I will stop my again when I have the time.

Deb B. ~ Colorado

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