While browsing through the junk at one of the markets I was at this weekend, I happened upon a piece of sport equipment. One of those step kind of things with rubber bands on it so that you can work your arms as well as your legs (so much for my descriptive capabilities). And that all for the grand price of 5 euros.
I've had a fantasy of throwing out the matrasses in my room and putting in a gymmy kind of thing. Because I don't go to the gym any more and all motivation to go walking or to do anything active on my own has disappeared like clouds before the sun. But I thought I might just possibly be active if some kind of equipment was readily available to me indoors. So after much thought and deliberation and asking peoples opinions at home, I went back to get the darn thing.
Only to find it being sold in front of my very eyes! Bummer. There go all my wild aspirations of becoming a svelte, sporty, sexy thirtyseven year old.
Maybe it's a sign, the equipment being sold.... Maybe it's just not meant to be..... ;-)

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Melanie said...

I have a treadmill for sale - and I'm not kidding. I've decided at our age sexy is more about confidence and your ability to work it than it is about weight.

Big Mama said...

How annoying! Having made the effort to go back....
The colored glass bottles are soo beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The lesson here is to follow your gut feelings and not waste time deliberating. This is how opportunities pass you buy (-:
Your wise brother (who is full of himself) doth say,

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