I must admit nerves are beginning to get to me. It's not like I fly on a regular basis! I'm talking about the trip to London of course.

So how did I come by a trip to London? It was a gift from one of my special friends. She's flying to France by herself later on this year but wanted her "virgin" flight to be with a friend. She therefore came up with the brilliantly original plan of having me fly with her...
Oh the dismay and the sorrow when I realized that SHE WANTED ME TO GO TO LONDON WITH HER!!

This precious person even gave me a choice, in the most original of ways. She sent me ten e-mails which each had two pictures in them. I had to choose which one of the pictures had my preference. Somewhere halfway the pictures I started to an inkling of an idea where this picture session was going. The last set of pictures was the big giveaway. I had to choose between the Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.
Now, part of me was feeling that I really should choose Paris, as I havn't been there, and it is said to be a wonderful city. And I have been to London, even though it was a long, long, long, long time ago. But when I heard our trip was to last for one day I decided on London. The key was language. I don't speak french at all, and the thought of one day spent with people I don't understand just didn't make me happy. The thought of spending a day hearing english though, made me very happy!

So Tuesday is THE DAY. We leave the house at an ungodly hour and will also return at an ungodly hour. I'll stay over at her's the night before and the night of our trip, so all in all it's almost like a weekend away.

But somehow, the reality of it is still not hitting me. Maybe it will take until I'm actually sitting in the airplane for me to realize that I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO LONDON!!

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Dori said...

So not fair. I wanna go too! And, bah on Paris. I got hit by a car in Paris--far too over rated! :D On the other hand--I love London. Wow.

But London--they have bookstores there!! Loads of them! But if you're only going for the day then I suppose your friend--lucky you to have such a friend--will probably wish to sight see. Have fun!

Elise said...

Bookstores.. I know! Especially looking forward to second hand book stores. Taking an empty backpack with me :-). But it's true, most of the time will be spent sight seeing LONDON!!!

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