Time is running out on me. I'm in the library right now, getting my internet fix. You do realize this means I check my personal mail, my family mail, my work mail, my blog, and my google reader. I don't think my husband understood this, as he is now (hopefully) patiently waiting for me to finally finish. We agreed I'd call him when I was done so that we could go visit the art market together but he decided to come by in his own time instead, leaving me halfway my internet fix, frantically trying to get everything done!
Oh well. At least he's up, and that is quite something. Yesterday I had to go to a wedding on my own because he was still feeling so sick. He still is, and it's worrying, to say the least.
But, the sun is shining, it is a glorious day, I got to sleep in, and there are not other heavy pressing plans for this weekend. So hopefully all of us will feel better by the end of the weekend, internet will become available to us again, our phones (land line and mobile) will all work again and we will feel ready to start the week cheerful and happy.
Off the art market now!!

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