Secretly Blond

Blond jokes are international I think.
In Holland there's also a saying that brunettes sometimes get flung to their heads when they act dumb. And it's a saying that I quote when I'm doing something kinda dumb....
It's "stiekem toch blond" or "In secret, I'm a blond". In other words, I may have brown hair, but I just did a really blond thing!!
What made me think of this was what happened today. I went out for a lovely coffee and lunch with a very dear friend of mine. We came back to the car and found out it wouldn't start. There were no starter cables to be found either. So we walked the neighborhood looking for a friendly man (how cliche) to help us out. We even went into the local bar to look for help! But all to no avail. Then one kind lady looked up the number for the local garage for us and we called them and asked for help.
About 20 minutes later help arrived in the form a friendly mechanic. He came with some kind of wonderful starting apparatus and asked my friend to open up the car so that he could reach the engine.
This is where the blond crept in...... she nor I knew how to do that!!
We had a good long laugh and convinced ourselves that although we were confirming every single prejudice that is made about women and technology... we were also making our friendly mechanic feel manly and heroic.
So, even though both she and I are dark brunettes, sometimes we are secretly blond :-)

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Dori said...

Knowing how unfamiliar you are with a car, this really isn't that surprising. But it is funny! Did the mechanic puff his chest out just a little as he was coming to the aid of two helpless women? ;D

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