I'm sitting behind the computer with a cup of hazelnut coffee. Herman is watching Walk the Line, his alltime favorite movie. It was actually the first movie that we saw together that we ended up talking about for a while afterwards!
Herman's clutching a heat pack and drinking some kind of disgusting stuff to clean out his insides. Because... we're going to the hospital later today. He's getting an internal exam so that the wise doctors can determine how bad his ulcerative colitis (IBD) is. I've already been to the doctor this morning with Tristan. He has an inflamed tendon by his ankle which is limiting his football playing capabilities. Marinda is going to the doctor tomorrow for persistant tiredness and some infections. We're a house full of "kneusjes" right now. I tried to find a translation for kneusjes but I don't think "losers" really covers it. It's more like we're a house full of weak, half handicapped people. Kneusjes! (pronounced kuhneusyes... I think?!?).
That was my dutch lesson for the day.

I feel the onset of a huge pity party for myself. Lack of sleep, sick people and a demanding job will do that. I should of course be feeling sorry for the sick people, but alas, I often end up feeling sorry for me instead :-(.
Or maybe I should give myself some credit. I do feel sorry for the others, but sometimes I have a hard time coping with the extra demands that are then made on my time and energy, and then I end up feeling sorry for myself.

Well, hidy ho! Now that I've written this down I will gather up my good cheer and return to being a (hopefully) supportive wife and mother :-)

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Breigh (Canadutch) said...

I love Walk the Line, I've seen it a number of times myself. I'm a big Joaquin Phoenix fan but I think he's better than ever in this one.

Dori said...

It's fine and acceptable to take a moment and feel self pity! You've had an awful lot going on!! I know that we're never given more than we can handle, but sometimes I wonder if He's looking at the same scale I am?!

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