Pumpkins (or rather, the lack of them)

I have been itching to get my pumpkin pictures up here, but it just isn't working! So terribly annoying to want to do something and not have it work!! And yes, I know I can just google a picture of pumpkins and put it up here, but somehow that just doesn't feel the same.
I guess it says a lot about the state of my life when I can get worked up over pictures of pumpkins....

See, this weekend was one of those perfect fall weekends with blue skies and a tang in the air. Saturday morning I went to two rummage sales and to a pumpkin market. The colors of those pumpkins! Oh my... enough to make my mouth water. I took pictures with my cell phone because I had forgotten to bring my camera with me. And now they're stranded on my phone.
I did however, manage to take these other pictures later on in the weekend.

I love scrounging around at rummage sales. I bought this colored glass to add to the collection that I'm putting on the shelf by the shed. I usually have flowers there, but seeing as summer is gone and my flowers are dead, I opted for this colorful option instead.

And today the sun was shining so brightly I went out for a bike ride by myself. Herman is to sick to accompany me, and the kids are not up for a bike ride........ ever.
I went down the usual pretty lanes and past this pretty harbor and town.

All in all it was a weekend to treasure. A moment of rest after a busy week, and a time of peace to prepare for the busy week ahead.

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Dori said...

Oh, I'm so glad you had a peaceful day! And what amazing pictures of the harbor. I miss living by the water--this is the first time in a very long time that I haven't and I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Colours of the glass correspond quite nicely with your Blog colours.... coincidence?

A Touch of Dutch said...

Beautiful colors & gorgeous pictures! I look forward to seeing your pumpkin pictures. I still need to get a few.. Once I do, for sure I'm getting two to carve and a few for cooking ;)

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