6 Random Things

Thanks Dori!!

6 Random Things:

1. My baptismal name is Maria Elise
2. I love goat cheese. Come to think of it, I like goat as well (to eat, I mean!)
3. I used to play the clarinet
4. My daughter has a piercing in her nose. Not a random thing about me, but as I have often thought of getting one, I now get to live vicariously through her.
5. I have ten handbags/purses and about 30 shawls/scarves but only two pairs of pants
6. I cannot think of anything else. When I asked my husband to name something he said "Man, do I have to write your blog now? Then don't bother writing!"

He might just have a point.

The end.

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And I hereby tag Fungasa, Lioness, A Touch of Dutch, Mama Chameleon, Our Life in Kenya, and Creating Ms. Perfect.

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Dori said...

I completely forgot we were in band together! Sometimes I even wonder if I knew you at RVA! :)

And tell Herman to get his own blog.

Elise said...

Dori! We were in band TOGETHER??? What did you play?
Oh my word, I really think we didn't know each other. Well that means can have that much more fun getting to know each other now!!

A Touch of Dutch said...

Mine is up :)

Kimberly said...

Thank you Marit! sorry I'm so bad at this. I love your blog though!!!! it's great.

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