I have a new habit with my son. We watch Lost together! That's pretty cool actually, because I can totally not interest any other of my family members in this type of program. He will even watch Star Trek with me!
That seems to be just about the only thing that binds us together these days. For the rest he's acting totally hormonal, and he's only eleven! Marinda was an early teen as well, so I should be prepared, but really, I'm not. I don't think any mother is ever prepared to have her child slam doors and yell and be frustrated for large amounts of time. I have to think of new child-raising techniques to suit Tristan, as he's the almost complete opposite of Marinda. Anything that worked for her will most likely not work with him.
So by the time I have figured it out, my kids will be grown and have kids of their own. And then where will I put my parenting skills to use?

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Dori said...

The ironic part is that I really can't even ask my parents for advice since we were shipped off to boarding school before we hit the full teenage angst!

I have no advice--just support!! And you can pass along what you've learned for coping with teenagers in a few years when my two are approaching those years--I shudder just thinking about it! :D

caratime2 said...

Your post reminding me of how I first began watching 'Sex and the City' because my son loved it! We started watching it together on days when he came to visit (he lives with his father; my ex). It quickly became obvious, though, that we were embarrassed to see each other laughing about the same things! It soon became easier (for us both) to switch our TV night to watching 'Idols'... ;o)

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