Sometimes when it feels like you can't sink any lower, you really don't!
This last week has had some lovely "ups" in it. Friends are coming over this weekend and next weekend. We got an invite to a new potential friends birthday. Other friends asked us to spend a day together at Duinrell. And meanwhile I was feeling lonely and neglected.....
Also at work rumor has it that I may be getting some extra hours. Hopefully this rumor will turn out to be true because I have been spending a tiny amount of time looking at other jobs. Having a job which is not satisfying is a drain on my energy levels.
For the rest there's not much to report! Tristan has his last soccer tournament tomorrow. Hopefully he will do well, he's had such a run of bad luck in soccer that I really hope the best for him. Marinda is up and at them again after spending a couple of days at home. Tomorrow she'll go back to dishing up ice cream. Maybe I'll go get some with my mom, who is coming over for a night.
This really is a post filled with irrelevant things.
I will now go make a healthy meal for my kids. HAH! Fries on the menu tonight, with kroket. Fries with mayo of course!!

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