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Seeing as these days are filled with holidays, I am getting an overdose of dutchness! Today was a country market here in my town. Which means there was a market with people making clogs and selling dutch souveniers. There were people walking around dressed in traditional dutch clothing. There was a stage where dutch clog dances were performed by puffing old people wearing the traditional dutch clothes. There was a stand which sold dutch wisdom tiles. All kinds of wise quotes are written on a tile which you can then hang up in your house. There was a corner with medieval ironworks. And mixed through these traditional things there were the usual food, clothes, bag and jewelry stalls. I walked through enjoying every minute. But then again, who wouldn't with the sun shining like it has and my lovely husband fixing up our garden?
I spent the morning planting the last of my flowers. Herman fixed our picnic table so we can eat outside when the weather permits it. I did a quick clean of the living room just in case our visitors came (they didn't show though, all that housework done for nothing!).
Then, before coming home after visiting the market I bought Tristan some of his favorite stuff. This stuff is the epitome of dutch frugality.
In Holland we have a lovely cookie called a "stroopwafel" which is two extremely thin wafels stuck together with a thin layer of caramel-like syrup. They are best when bought fresh at the market, hot off the wafel iron, with the syrup leaking out. But, in order to make them in the right shape, you often have crumbs left over. So what do enterprising dutchmen do? They SELL THE CRUMBS!! with or without syrup. And this is what Tristan really enjoys eating. So I bought Tristan stroopwafel crumbs with syrup and then ate a nice portion of them myself!

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Anonymous said...

Oooo I love stroopwafel's. I am putting 'eating freshly made stroopwafel' on my list of thing's to do when I come see you. *wink

I also want you to take me to see a field of tulips. Like the one's you posted here the other day.

A bike ride with you is certainly on my list too.

I wonderrrrrrrrrr how many English books I can fit into a suitcase. lol

Enjoying your blog as usual,
Deb B. ~ Colorado

A Touch of Dutch said...

Lekker! You made my mouth water! Now I must have at least a stroopwafel to munch on at this moment! ;)

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