Ice Cream

Went for ice cream after dinner today with Tristan and his friend. We have a lovely option just around the corner from our house, 10 minutes walk or a 3 minute bike ride. It's a farm that sells ice cream in a little shed on their property. It has a little playground with a big trampoline and it's located in the middle of the fields around my town. I'll take you for ice cream there if you come around for a visit.
The other option is Marinda's new place of work. She's become an ice cream girl at a restaurant/cafe in the middle of my town. It gave me such a thrill to see her there on her first day of work, smiling her gorgeous smile and serving up ice cream like she'd done it all her life. Something about seeing my kids doing something that they're good at always gives me such a thrill. It bring tears to my eyes every time.

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