Tomorrow real life starts again. It feels like I've been on a lovely long break! But tomorrow Tristan AND Marinda have to go to school. Marinda has had practically three weeks of vacation, lucky girl, including her week in Italy! Somehow I'm also expecting the weather to get worse now. Like when real life starts it must be accompanied by clouds and rain and wetness. How logical is that?
I think I must also try to get back on track with my eating habits. (Yes, I KNOW I have said this before!!). Looking at the pictures made at the wedding on thursday made me realize that I have really visibly put on too many pounds, and that's just too bad. I don't look aweful, but I don't look as nice as I'd like to look. It's kind of hard though because our fridge is filled with brunch leftovers from this morning, and it's all just so darn good... But there's no way around it. If I want to lose weight, I must eat less. No exercise in the world can compensate for bad eating habits. Maybe I will force myself to post my weight every week, instead of the books that I read. That way I will be making myself accountable. But then I first have to get our scale fixed......................

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Vernette said...

i've started a weight loss programme myself this week...well it started last week and this our first week of "the programme". So far so good. Baby steps I guess. Good Luck.

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