A RVA classmate of mine, Melanie, has taken initiative to get some ideas up and running for a 20 year high school reunion. Needless to say, I would LOVE to go!
I lived in Louisiana for three years when I was a teen, and I went to school in Ethiopia and Kenya with a lot of americans so I have a "thing" for the States. The last time I was there was just before I got married. I went back to Carville, Louisiana, with a film crew making a documentary about leprosy. I went to my old school and saw one of my favorite teachers, and I visited with Sharons parents. (I can't remember seeing you, Sharon, were you at college then?). I loved walking through the huge, huge stores. It's a thing of mine. I love going grocery shopping in different countries and looking at all the different foods and spices on offer. Fig newtons for example, cannot be bought here. Icing can only be found in some stores, maple syrup is a rarity, butter flavored popcorn salt.... I have yet to find it. I've read about toothpastes in all kinds of flavors.... not here! We stick to pepperminty flavors or disgusting herbal concoctions that make your gums shrivel. What about the coffee flavors that I read about. My word, I'd love to get a hold of some of those!
So that's at least one thing that I would like to do if I make it to the States. That and drool and drool and drool some more in a bookstore filled with ENGLISH books. Oh my lordy, I think I will feel that I have died and gone to my own personal little heaven.
Besides the sordid materialistic side of me, the personal empathetic part of me (which exists... sometimes...) would also really really like to meet up with old friends, play catch-up and see if my memories correspond with theirs. Because I have noticed that memories can get really distorted through time. And besides that, it makes me feel whole to meet people who knew me back when, as I don't often run into old classmates here in Holland. (that may sound kind of pathetic but I don't mean it to be).
So here's to next year summer, somewhere in the States, visiting with old friends, and enjoying a wonderfully unique break!!

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Anonymous said...

Good on you dear!! Go for it!!

Dori said...

I have a spare bed that can be yours, all yours!

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