Herman asked me to marry him in Swahili. I was so surprised I didn't know how to say yes anymore! I hadn't expected him to officially ask me to marry him anymore. We had already written our engagement announcement (a poem written in english and dutch) and were celebrating our engagement with our family when he popped the question. It made the celebration extra special for me. Turns out he called the Kenyan embassy in Amsterdam and asked to speak to somebody who spoke Swahili. He then asked the man to teach him how to say "will you marry me". The man had a good laugh and then told him all :-)
We bought our engagement/wedding rings together as well and exchanged them at our engagement party (as you can see in the picture). At our wedding we put them on again, but this time on the right hand instead of the left. No going down on the knees and being presented with a ring here! Dutch "nuchterheid" at its best. Sometimes I pine for a bit more romance in my life, candles and surprise weekends away and gifts on Valentines day. But then I get a grip, take a good look at my husband and realize that we're doing pretty well without the extras. And when they do come (and I have a few poems to prove it!) it makes for some extra special moments.

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Anonymous said...

Hey dear,
love your nieuw profile picture! Did Marinda take it, she has an eye for photography.

Dori said...

Aww...the most romantic stories are the ones that match the people in it. Since this was very fitting for the both of you, then it really is romantic! :) If Sean had gone down on one knee with roses and mushy speeches with me, I think I'd have probably gagged--and then said no since he obviously didn't know me at all!

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