Culturally Inept

I went to work today and felt out of place in a very intangible way. I can't put my finger on it but in some way I don't seem to fit in with my colleagues. I'm going to blame this on my cultural ineptness, doesn't that sound great? By that I mean that it sometimes seems like I can't hit the right note with people, somehow I'm just that little (important) bit off in how I react or act. I'm a pretty flexible person, I adjust quickly and can make myself feel at home quite fast, but I have noticed that I can miss the nuance that is needed/wanted to make a connection with people.
I think a lot of how people communicate is subculture. Subculture which is so engrained in behavior that it becomes inexplicable. Or so engrained that if you question someone about it they simply won't know what you're talking about! And I'm not great on subculture, I often just don't get it!
So I'm kind of stuck as to what I should do. Unsure about whether it is actually something I have or have not done, or if it's just a matter of my colleagues "looking the cat out of the tree". (Literal translation of a dutch proverb, which means watching and waiting before forming an opinion or taking initiative). Maybe I should just look the cat out of the tree as well and wait and see what happens!

Currently reading: The Quiet Girl by Peter Hoag (speaking of inexplicable!)

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Anonymous said...

You know when we went to school together, I never knew anyone who didn't like you.

Be yourself. Relax, & let the card's fall as they may.

Sometimes with a new job, & meeting new people, it just takes some 'get to know each other' time.

Make sure to SMILE alot. That is certainly a good way to win people over.

JMO (just my opinion)

Deb B. ~Colorado

Dori said...

Oh...I hear ya, sister! I often feel like I'm singing a quarter note different than everyone around me.

Anonymous said...

Dear sis,
You're just great the way you are, just remember to be yourself and enjoy yourself, don't think to much about what others might think etc... NIET DOORDENKEN!!

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