Another sunday

Another sunday spent not going to church. I'm slowly realizing I'm missing it in more ways than one. I miss the rhythm of waking up on sunday mornings and doing something that I perceive as being "purposeful". I miss the sense of companionship and fellowship that comes with sharing something you believe in with others. I miss the chit chat with people I know and who know me. I miss the sense of belonging to a community. I also miss being stimulated to grow in a relationship with God.
I don't have a strong faith life and I see that it's getting weaker and weaker without a weekly stimulus. It's just too easy to not invest in praying, reading the Bible or doing anything that is God related. And even though I can hardly put my faith (or lack of it) into words, I still get the feeling that I'm missing out on something that can be important in life.

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Anonymous said...

I can certainly relate to this blog entry!!!

Deb B. ~ Colorado

Anonymous said...

Though I must add, I have what I would consider to be a STRONG faith in God.
A good church & church body is hard, & next to impossible to find around here. :(

Deb B. ~Colorado

Vernette said...

Hey it's pretty funny that ur going thru this...I have been feeling this way for a while. I didnt go on Sunday either and I always think I can try to make it during the week on my lunch hr...but if I make it one time that's plenty.

Cheryl said...

I know what you are feeling; I have struggling with going too. Just my kids & I go and that is what makes it hard - service is not the same time as Sunday School, they don't want to sit through service and then my husband, who was brought up catholic, would rather go to no church than one different from his up bringing: sigh.

I need to truely pray about it but somehow I don't want to because I am afraid of making the next commitment - making it as important as I believe my heart wants it to be - oh boy. How to make yourself miserable (remember that book from the 1970's?!)

So this is my thought for you: if you truely want peace with it - ask God to help you and if you let Him do his thing, He will help you. I am a quiet believer and have seen the power of prayer.

Just a thought to try.

On a funny note - on the last day of public school our church has an event called Slopfest where kids 6th grade - 12 grade get really messy with shaving creme, honey, chocolate sauce, flour bombs etc - lots of games and some worship too. At the end the kids get hosed off by the fire department - they are gross. Last year my daughter smelled like maple syrup for a week!

I read your sugar diet reply - I am going to check the book out after vacation :-)


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