These pictures of me were taken when I was pregnant with Marinda. We lived in a huge old house which belonged to the hospital that Herman worked in. The hospital's photographer lived there as well and he jumped at the opportunity to photograph a pregnant woman. Actually he wanted me to do them nude, but that wasn't something that I wanted to do! The bit of body that's showing in the pictures is enough I think!
It was a huge shock when I turned out pregnant, because it wasn't something we were planning on and we weren't married yet. And I was only 20 years old at the time. But the whole walking around with a big belly was kind of fun. I used to wear funky overalls, people would stand up in the bus to give me their seat, and total strangers would start a conversation. I was studying at the time, art therapy, and had to work hard to pass the year. The first couple of months of the pregnancy I felt so ill that I threw up everywhere and was exhausted all the time. Then I entered the "blooming" fase (during which we got married) , and I finished the school year half hoping that I would be able to make it to my third year as well. It turned out that I didn't go back to school until about 8 years later. I enjoyed every minute of it when I did!
These pictures turned out to be my one and only shot at modelling. I, like many many girls before and after me, had always dreamt of being a model. Well, these are the results!

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Anonymous said...

I always liked the one of you in the window... time really does go by quite fast when looking back.

Love you dear.

Dori said...

Marit...those are some of the most tranquil, gorgeous pictures I've ever seen! You're so beautiful. Then and now!

It's Mother's day here--what an appropriate post. :)

Melanie said...

Stunning, truly stunning.

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