I'm having the funnest time (not good english, I know!) checking out why people end up on my blog. With my Feedjit counter I can see if people pass by after googling something, or if they link through from somebody elses blog. It's really interesting! Just now somebody landed on here after looking under "job offer holland". I've had several hits on my alcohol post for some strange reason. The other day somebody googled "poop art holland" and ended up on this post.
Two days ago I got a hit from a town just 8 kilometers from here which made me kind of nervous. I've been keeping this blog "secret" from most of the people I know here. I like the freedom of talking about my life without having to think too much about the consequences that it may have for the dutch people I know. Imagine my surprise when on my first day of work a colleague said she had googled me by my maiden name and ended up on this blog! I never thought someone would do that because here I mostly introduce myself using Hermans last name. I don't think she's checked it since then, which is fine by me!
I love having people read this though, and thrive on comments, and sometimes wonder how many people might be lurking, or wonder if people think this is interesting enough to come back to and check out again!
And blogging has a lot of advantages. I find myself putting situations into words more consciously than I usually do, and I also take more pictures. Like today, when I was on a glorious bike ride with Marinda (have I mentioned how I love the surroundings here? They're just gorgeous!). I took my camera with me with this blog in mind and I enjoyed myself even more because I was so conscious of what I was doing and how I might write about it.
So now I will leave you with some pictures, so that you can see what I saw today.....

We had coffee and a lemonade at a little stall that also sold homemade jams and jellys. The cash register was a little tin can and trust was the basis on which we paid.

We biked through fields of green and yellow, past old farms, saw cows and sheep grazing, swans on the lake, boats sailing in the water, a windmill, the blue blue sky. We felt the bright sunshine on our shoulders and a fresh breeze blowing in our faces and I was very very happy.

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Anonymous said...

I should probably ''bike'' over to your place sometime with the kids... or should we just make a bike date together?

A Touch of Dutch said...

I do know too well what you mean. This is exactly why I keep my blogging away from the more personal aspects of my life.

However, for myself you've been a big help! The dryer sheets. I went to Action today and found the dryer sheets you spoke of. €0,79 for 40! Not bad! I will be trying them this evening in the laundry and talking about it on my blog later or tomorrow. Friends & family from back home had been sending me dryer sheets...

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy looking at the pictures you post. I has made me look at the plain area we live in differently. I tend to try to find the beauty in it now. Though at times, it is hard to do.

I have also been tossing around the idea of blogging on this site. The others I use, don't allow me to post pics WITH my blog for the day, not sure why. But I do enjoy seeing what your posting about.

You do or don't have drier sheets there? I dont remember reading about them on your blog. Hmmm, I must of missed something.

Now DON'T faint, but I packed your box, so if you want me to add some in, you better tell me quick! Sorry I won't be able to fit a blueberry pie in there though! lol

Deb B. ~ Colorado

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