Right now my work rhythm seems to consist of the following:

Day one: get to work, start hyperventilating at the amount of work that is lying there. Groan and grumble about the computer not working, the lack of a good registration system, the fact that people keep coming in and out to have coffee in a room where I'm supposed to work DARN IT, dread going to the toilet because of the lack of soundproofed walls. Work like a madwoman, feel guilty for grumbling, stress, seriously consider looking for another job, and leave feeling frustrated and totally tired.

Day two: start same as day one. Then, as the day progresses, slowly realize that I'm not doing such a bad job, I might actually be able to finish something today, laugh at my colleagues jokes, think "Hey, I might just be able to work something out here", relax a little bit and leave feeling relatively satisfied about what I've accomplished.

Then, after a couple of days at home not thinking about work, start again as day one.

Should I stay or should I go??

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