My husband called me at work today and announced "Honey, I bought a car!". ??!!?&*%^$#(*&???!!!
What on earth is that about?
After I picked my chin up off the floor I heard the tale.
My parents had proposed us getting a car together. Ours to use during most of the year, theirs to use when they are here on furlough. Not a bad idea, but it needs some kinks worked out. Or so I thought. My mom is arriving on friday and needed a car, so Herman was going to look for a rental. Instead, he just decided to buy a car. Well, why not? We'll work out the details later!
I sincerely hope my parents approve of his car choice. (see picture). It's definately a Herman kind of car.
Here's what I would buy if we had the cash! Only in red of course,
because that is my favorite color.

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Dori said...

Does this mean you're going to start driving more?!

I'm actually attempting to drive less--I spent almost $50 filling up my Jetta yesterday!! Don't want to even think about what driving our Jeep will cost!

Lots of happy thoughts coming your way with your mom coming in! Probably not the best time to put yourself on a diet? :)

Anonymous said...

You like PC Cruiser's?! They are a cute roomy car.

Good for Herman for getting a car. I am sure you will enjoy having it.

Just think, you can get to the book store or library quicker!

Deb B. ~Colorado

A Touch of Dutch said...

A car!!
That is super!
They'd need about a week to help me pick my jaw up off the floor if it happened to me ;)
I just can't get a car. Not here in Holland. But I can always dream while I fiets along in my regenpak...Vrooom! LOL!
I'll be doing the 6 random facts too, by the way ;)

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